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"L'Eremo della Giubiliana" offers its guests Lessons in Sicilian Cuisine under the expert supervision of our chef and the owner of the hotel, Lady Vincenza Iolanda.

Participating guests will witness first hand the particularity of the Don Eusebio restaurant, which skilfully blends age-old recipes of the Hyblean aristocracy with a contemporary usage of the main ingredients forming the basis of the Mediterranean Diet, which has recently been awarded UNESCO status, being included on the Intangible Heritage list, and which has for centuries been a symbol of our cultural identity.

The course is organised on two levels: a base level for those who have little or no culinary experience, or who have never ventured into the Sicilian cuisine, and an advanced level for those who already have some familiarity with the preparation of Mediterranean gastronomy.

The BASE LEVEL COURSE will, over three sessions, investigate the core ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet and their use in the Sicilian kitchen, namely:

Strong wheat grain; milling procedures and the various kinds of wholemeal flour; bread and "focacce"; the wood burning oven, pasta; dried pulses; beans, chick peas and their stone grinding; traditional blended flours; soups.

Green vegetables; essential vegetables and wild greens, a summary of customary preparation processes; tomatoes; lemons; aromas; sauces; olives and time-honoured preservation techniques; oil; grapes and wine.

Meats and wild game; the Modican cow and renowned cheeses; the black pig; conservation methods; cold cuts; Mediterranean seafood; salted and preserved bluefish; traditional cooking procedures.

The ADVANCED LEVEL COURSE, designed for those who already have some knowledge regarding the use and preparation of the primary components of Mediterranean fare, or who have followed our Base Level course, consists in three thematic classes which aim at exploring specific aspects of the unique gastronomic cultures of the island:

The Farming Culture: a highland farmer's daily menu and its variation for local festivities; the addition of wild essences.

The Fisherman's Culture: the exceptional recipes of the Mazzarelli fishermen (MARSA RHILLA – from the Arabic "Allah's port") who utilize preserved raw bluefish and small fish caught from the rocks.

The Aristocracy of the Hyblean Plateau: the fusion of land traditions with the recipes of Monzù; the classic recipes of the Nifosì household; stocks; flaky pastry; pies; stews; game.

The Ancient World: a fascinating journey into the island's cuisine during the Greek, Roman and Arab occupations; the myth of Demetra and Persefone; unleavened breads; a glimpse at that which remains in present-day society.

Each session will run for three to four hours and includes tastings and guided tours around the crop productions of the estate and other sites of interest. Guests may choose to take the entire course, consisting of three morning sessions (necessitating a stay of at least two nights in the hotel), or request a single session.

Both the Base Level Course and the Advanced Level Course are also available with our "Weekend Break" offer, with one session arranged for Saturday morning, another in the afternoon, and the final class on Sunday morning.

  • Single lesson, per person:
    • 120.00 euro (from 1 to 3 participants)
    • 90.00 euro (from 4 to 6 participants)
  • Full Course (3 lessons):
    • 350.00 (from 1 to 3 participants)
    • 300.00 euro (from 4 to 6 participants)