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The essence of luxury in Sicily

The Eremo della Giubiliana in the heart of the Val di Noto, near Ragusa, is a luxury hotel boasting all the charisma of a by-gone era.
The residence is immersed in the Sicilian countryside against a backdrop of the Hyblean Highlands and is an ideal location whence to embark upon a journey of discovery across this rich land, cited on the UNESCO World Heritage list for localities such as Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Scicli, Palazzolo and Noto, which represent the culmination and final flowering of Baroque art in Europe.

This ancient fortress of the Knights of Malta, the history of which dates back to the twelfth century, has been transformed into an exclusive hotel by request of the Nifosì family, following an erudite restoration which brought to light numerous precious artefacts, their scrupulous conservation resourcefully intertwining the hotel’s historical allure with it’s five-star luxury label.

The rooms and the suites have been realised in the original milieu and have been designed to combine maximum comfort with olden charm. A sojourn at the Eremo is not a mere vacation in a five-star de-luxe hotel but a retreat in time, a unique Sicilian experience. Each day becomes a discovery in the splendid grounds of the smallholding. Luxury means to immerge oneself in this hotel, surrounded by such stunningly beautiful scenery, and inhale its spirit.

The discoveries are always unexpected, such as that of the Arabian Courtyard encased within the walls: a herb garden in which nature awakens our senses to almost amaze us with its splendour.

The emotion of sensation is rediscovered and embraces the guest; luxury lies not simply in substance but also in the senses.

… and the ARABIAN courtyard of the EREMO is … a mixture of perfumes and fragrances …

Evergreen lavender bushes with erect stems and jagged, perfumed silvery leaves, whose flowers blossom closely together to form sky blue or lilac coloured spikes.
  French Lavender
Cotton Lavender or Gray Santolina is a small, woody perennial which forms tight tufts, thick with persistent small grey or green leaves, depending on the species. The flowers and leaves give off an intense perfume, released when the leaves are rubbed, which makes it one of the most popular aromatic plants typical of the Hyblean coast.
  Cotton Lavender
Lesser Cat Mint “Blue Cloud” is reminiscent of summertime countryside walks. Its finely chopped leaves are used for seasoning Sicilian pizzas. This is a wild plant which grows naturally on Sicilian hillsides, is picked in bunches while in flower and is dried in the shade.
Lesser Cat Mint “Blue Cloud”
Wild Oregano gives out a more intense aroma compared with other varieties. Its fresh flowers are frequently used to flavour a variety of dishes.
Wild Oregano
Mint exists in numerous varieties, the best known being peppermint, cat-mint and spearmint. The Moroccan spearmint variety has a more erect bearing, a fuller leaf and a higher content of menthol. This variety, freshly picked, is used in the preparation of cocktails which can be sipped while comfortably seated at our bar.