A taste of Sicily

Recreate the aromas and flavours of Sicily in your own home

In response to numerous requests the Eremo della Giubiliana is pleased to offer guests the opportunity of taking lessons in Sicilian cuisine, under the expert tuition of our chef, together with estate owner, Lady Vincenza Iolanda.

Participating guests will experience the extraordinary reality which is the Don Eusebio restaurant, where tried and tasted recipes of the Iblean aristocracy are skilfully adapted to suit contemporary culinary preferences, incorporating only the finest organic ingredients from those which go to form the Mediterranean Diet, for centuries a symbol of our cultural identity and recently awarded UNESCO status, having been integrated onto the Intangible Heritage List.

Choose between the following course options:

  • Two Day Course
  • “Hands-On” Learning with the Chef

Two Day CourseMinimum 2 people

Day 1. Excursion to our exclusive estate, immersed in natural parkland and dotted with 32 XV century watermills. Following a picnic lunch, return to the hotel to observe the milling procedures which produce various wholemeal flours in our “Granoteca”.

Day 2. A 3 hour practical lesson with our chef. The main themes for these lessons are the preparation of pastas, soups, foccacce, bread.


  • For a group of up to 5 members: 190 euro per person
  • For groups of 6 to 10 members: 170 euro per person

Prices include: Excursion to Watermill Park, packed lunch, 3 hour lesson and lunch served accompanied by regional Sicilian wines; recipe and apron.

“Hands-On” Learning with the Chef

  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Select from the following the theme of your 3 hours tuition:

    • The secrets of home-made pasta. Learn how to combine the right sauce with the various types of pasta, using only the tastiest ingredients
    • A comprehensive course on the cuts and preparation of meat, with suggestions as to the accompanying vegetables
    • Visit a fish market and learn how to select the best fish; learn a variety of traditional methods for its preparation
    • Sicilian Desserts


  • For groups of up to 5 members: 120 euro per person
  • For groups of 6 to 10 members: 90 euro per person

Prices include: Visit to fish market; 3 hours tuition; lunch served accompanied by regional Sicilian wines.