The wellness area Asphodelus at Eremo is located in the most exclusive part of the park, in front of the archeological site dating back to the V-III century a. C.

Guests can enjoy the view through the glass doors while sitting in the comfort area and drinking tea or lying down on the grass between ancient olive trees to continue the positive effect of one the exclusive treatments based on natural elements, like for example olive oil and wine of the Eremo.


Wellness Treatments

Facial Massage

Hydrating treatment

It is the best method to restore hydratation, nourishment and tone for the particularly dry, dehidratated and atonic skins; thanks to idroactina, a patented active synergy able to the tissue in a physiologically.

Age-reducing treatment

It visibly softens expression lines, fills wrinkles and neutralizes free radicals thanks to the concentration of walnut that work sas anti-radical. This exclusive massage techinique intensely relaxes face, neck and decolté.

Purifyng treatment for oily skins

A thorough cleansing treatment which gives to the face tone and freshness. Ideal for skins that look oily and impure but are delicate and dehydrated.


Free scrub with Sicilian orange flavour

It helps cell renewal ans stimulates the immediate restitution of colour and luminosity to the skin, thanks to the combined action of bitter and sweet grapefruit and orange spheres.


Relaxing finger massage on the scalp

An extraordinary stress-reducing massage which gives a sense of well-being throughout the body thanks to finger pressure on the scalp area.


Hot clay Massage

It relaxes cervical and dorsal muscles and prepares your body to a deep manual massage to stretch all the mucle chain. The hot clay bags, expertly rubbed on the back and all over the body, stimulate the neuto-muscular relaxation acting as an antidepressant.

Hot Stone Massage

An extraordinarily relaxing and purifyng massage. The pleasant efficacy of the massage, combined with the warmth of the stones, makes this massage a deeply satisfying and unforgettable experience.

Mix Massage Antistress

Excellent anti-stress massage that with its partcular techniques restores interior balances. It also improves heart function preventing cardiovascular diseases and stress disorders. Indicated for those who work uninterruptedly and for those who work uninterruptedly and for those who are always under pressure.

Sport Massa-Streching

It is a technical massage that stretches and gives flexibility to all the muscles and all the articulations. (It can be performed both dressed and undressed).

Draining massage

Specific massage to relieve water retention. It drains and eases the lower limbs. For those who suffer from abdominal and bloating.

Tonic massage

Specific massage to release tension in the bone joints and to give back fluidity. Indicated for those who suffer from contractions and cramps (except in presence of infiammation). Ideal for sportpeople.

Relaxing massage

A relaxing massage par excellence inspired by the Mediterranean culture; it restores a sense of well-being and vitality.

Four Hands Massage

Relaxing massage perfomed simultaneously by two masseurs.


Desert Massage

Specific relaxing massage. This massage encapsulates the carm of the Berber and Tuareg traditions. It re-evokes the quiet of the womb, leading the “traveller” to a new and deep relax where the purification of the body mixer with the one of soul.

Californian Massage

Relaxing psychosomatic massage. This is considered to be the King of massages. One of the most efficient and well known techniques in the world for its total sensuality, it captures the attraction and vibrant soul of California. Ideal to eliminate stress or to alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Mothya Salt Scrub

A regenerating treatment for the body derived from the concept of thalassic therapy. The machanical action of the massage joins with the beneficial action of the active saline ingredients used.


Therapeutic Pedicure


Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Treatment


  • Localised
  • Arms
  • Half Leg
  • Whole Legs
  • Whole body

Evening make up


  • Back
  • Breast
  • Whole legs

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Facial massage

Facial massage of 60 minutes.

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Scegli il tuo massaggio da 45 minuti tra rilassante, detossinante, drenante, sportivo o con argilla calda.

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Mothya salt scrub

A regenerating treatment for the body derived from the concept of thalassic therapy.